Spotlight on London bakery Bake-a-boo


Today's Flickr spotlight is on West Hempstead (London, UK) bakery Bake-a-boo, whose very cool cupcake snake we featured before. All photos are from their Flickr account, and you can also follow their blog. I actually started this spotlight about 2 weeks ago, but kept finding more and more of their adorable cupcakes, it was hard to decide which ones to post!

I was going to go for an animal theme, because seriously, the bunny cupcakes at the top make me want to pinch someone's cheeks they're so cute. Like, instant happiness. I would buy those for a kid's birthday party, but also for an adult's. I am hoping to go to London in 2010, and Bake-a-boo will be at the top of my list of bakeries to visit.

But then I saw some of the others and knew I couldn't go just for the animal cupcakes. I love how something so small such as the sugar crystals on the plum and blackberry ones below can stand out so well. With cupcakes, sometimes the littlest added touches make a huge difference, don't you think?

Even the corporate ones (for Fozia London) are simple but memorable.

These plum and blackberry cupcakes are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Tea party cupcakes

Pikachu cupcakes

86 Mill Lane
London NW6 1NL
United Kingdom
020 7435 1666
info at


Anonymous said…
Ah I love Bake-a-boo! The decor is lovely and the cupcakes...*swoons*.
boo said…
Awwww thank you for including us - we love cupcakes take the cake accross the pond at bake-a-boo. We hope to see you on your next visit to the UK! Lots of cupcake love xx