Stethoscope cupcakes!

Stethoscope Cupcakes

How cool are these? They're by Cupcake Obsessed of Hoboken, New Jersey, via Flickr who wrote:

For the record, these cupcakes were approved by a (future) physician. A lot of people (namely my brother) often request cupcakes that are "healthy," but I'm conscientiously opposed to low-fat baked goods. They just never taste even slightly as good as the unmodified versions. Another thing is, how often do people really eat cupcakes? I mean, aside from me, cupcakes are a once in a while indulgence. And you shouldn't skimp calories on your indulgences. The diet can wait until Monday (or Tuesday...or Wednesday). Trust me...

The full order was for 2 dozen red velvet with the stethoscopes, 1 dozen Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, 1 dozen chocolate with chocolate ganache, and 1 dozen orange cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting. I thought it was a pretty good assortment for a party with a mix of adults, 20-somethings, and kids.

Stethoscope Cupcakes
Created for a college graduate who will be attending medical school in the fall. Stethoscopes made out of fondant, royal icing, and dragees


Oh my gosh, these are absolutely adorable. I don't t know anyone graduated from medical school, but I'll have to keep these in mind.