Testing the cupcake bandages

I've had these cupcake bandages for a while (bought them at Urban Outfitters on Newbury Street in Boston, can't remember the price), and decided to test them out again. The last time I'd used them, the bandage fell off. These are available from Perpetual Kid too.

Cupcake bandages

It also came with a little cupcake sticker in addition to the large bandages:

Cupcake bandages

I used it on my arm, where a few weeks ago I actually really needed a bandage:

Cupcake bandages

A few hours later though, it had come off, perhaps because of the location - I kept moving bags on and off my arm, but I also think these are fun, novelty bandages, not truly great for healing. Wish there were traditional strip bandages with cupcakes on them - maybe there are? I'm sure if anyone will know, it's our readers.


kendahl a. said…
There is a brand called Ouchies that has girly bandages and one of them is covered in desserts. Not just cupcakes though, it also has ice cream cones and ice cream sandwiches and stuff like that.
♥Bree said…
I have these and although i have never used them, i love them. We use them more as stickers than bandages.
Glama Ray said…
These are so cute ... makes me wanna get a boo boo just so I could where one. I like these better than the bacon strip bandages ... anyone ever seen those?
SailorAshley said…
I've seen the bacon bandages on wishingfish.com.