The thing about fondant is...

I love the way it looks, but seldom like the way it tastes. I admit that I have had some fondants (Deborah's white chocolate fondant from City Sweets stands out) that are better tasting than others, but never had one where I was like, Wow! this tastes great! Regardless, I love the look of fondant. I love the way you can create shapes, uses crazy colors, mold and curve the stuff to suit your needs.

These cupcakes and fondant shapes are a good example:

fondant icing cupcakes 02


fondant icing cupcakes 06

fondant icing cupcakes 04

fondant icing cupcakes 01

All images courtesy of RachelYoung.



Jenniffer said…
If you love the look of fondant, but hate the taste, you should try some of the new fondariffic ( ). I just bought some sample buckets and it is SO tasty!! The buttercream flavor is delicious and the orange and grape flavors taste like a Starburst. You really should try it!!

Jess said…
I think the "brain" one should actually be called intestines. Brains are pretty much NEVER that red and if they are, you're in some big trouble. :-) Intestines however are more frequently that lovely pinky red color.
Jennywenny said…
Me too! Thats why I try to keep the decoration small, either a little disk or a small flower, and then its not too much.

Two other fun mediums to try are modelling chocolate (just 1 part corn syrup to 1 part chocolate) and marzipan which are more delicious in my opinion!!
Ashley said…
You should try marshmallow fondant, it tastes 3582984502 times better than regular fondant...and so easy to make!
Sugar Daze said…
I agree with Ashley. I make my own marshmallow fondant and you don't even notice the taste of it as it blends so well into buttercream or whatever else you happen to frost with. I use a lot of marzipan (being in France and all) too but find that the taste is a little strong. Though notice that the French don't seem to mind. At a cupcake baking class I did last week, one girl ate practically all the marzipan roses I had just taught them to make! :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting my cupcakes! I love your blog and always visit for inspiration.

The pics you posted are my very first venture into fondant and I'm glad people liked them (and that I managed to get them looking okay)
Stephanie said…
I agree with the marshmallow fondant! I recently had a cake from Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken NJ, that was covered with fondant (they have cupcakes too) and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. It tasted like smooth marshmallow (I have to assume thats what this bakery uses) and I liked it so much I was eating everyone elses fondant and as well as my own, I was addicted to it (but then again I looove anything marshmallow). Does anyone have a somewhat simple recipe for this amazingly tasty marshmallow fondant? I would love to experiment with it for my own cupckaes/cakes!