Bacon cupcake recipe from Buzz Bakery

Rebecca Cooper over at DCist got the recipe for the Buzz Bakery's (Alexandria, Virginia) bacon cupcakes, their August special, and lucky for us, decided to share! See DCist for the recipe. She writes:

But ... bacon? Well, why not? “It’s one of my favorite things ever. And it’s good with everything,” Chef Short told DCist as we chatted with him at the bakery and cafĂ© on Slaters Lane this week. “We already have bacon in the morning with pancakes and syrup and all this sweet stuff. Why not put it together with peanut butter and chocolate?” The cupcake has been well received at the bakery, where patrons have come to expect variety in the monthly special. “There comes the day you put on your red shirt, and you feel a little daring,” he said, describing the shop’s eclectic clientele—in baking terms—as “marbled.”

Sadly, the whole point of a rotating special cupcake is its short life, meaning you have exactly 10 days to haul it over to Buzz to try one of these masterpieces. OR ... you can do as I did and accept that you can’t live without them, and figure out how to make them yourself. Luckily, DCist saved you the trouble of having to beg Chef Short for his peanut butter bacon mousse topping recipe, and the batch I made as a test for this column came out strikingly close to the original.

photo by Rebecca Cooper

Speaking of Buzz Bakery, while this bacon cupcake will be off the menu, they are part of the big Yelp-organized Washington, DC area cupcake crawl on September 18th.


nicole said…
The date is the 19th for the crawl, not 18th~