Bloggers bake Martha Stewart's Cupcakes

Various bloggers are baking their way through the popular cookbook Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. (If you're also baking these cupcakes, let us know at cupcakestakethecake at or, better yet, add your photos to our Flickr cupcake photo pool.)

Betty of the cupcake blog Eat My Cupcake just started up the Martha Stewart Baking Club - see her blog for more information and links to the 34 participating blogs (!!).

Here's a photo of their latest endeavor, salted caramel cupcakes, from Karen's Cookies Cakes & More:

Cupcake or Death is also blogging her way through the book, having covered 13 of the Martha Stewart's Cupcakes cupcakes. Here's her blueberries and cream cupcakes:

And of course long-time blogger 52 Cupcakes, who I know Stacie's posted about recently and I just assume you've all been reading for years because she so rocks (if she's not in your reader, add her now!). These are her version of Martha's Stewart's pistachio-raspberry tea cupcakes:


Tania said…
Yay! thank you for including my blog and picture in this post! I have taken a little break from baking while I move to another state, but will pick up again soon!
Ana Lacerda said…
Your blog is so inspiring, I just can't stop checking it every day...
Baa Baa Cupcake said…
I have been blogging some of Martha's recipes!


roasted banana:

Cupcake Queen said…

Thanks for mentioning our blog, 52 Cupcakes...Layla loves reading about herself on your your blog...and we're loving the Martha Stewart cupcake book!

CQ and Layla
betty geek said…
Thanks so much for the cupcake mad love!

The talented baking group has been a real pleasure to coordinate!

We are now making our way to our second recipe challenge in September!

So much fun!

Vanessa said…
I LOVE Martha's Cupcake book I have it now from the locat Library and TRUST ME I plan on getting it somehow lol.
k.a.r.e.n said…
WOW!!! My photo is up there!!! Thanks for featuring it.
AmyRuth said…
Hi there,
Thanks a million for the good word about the new little baking maniacs on the block. he he
We most certainly will have fun doing what we do.
Love that you included photos from some of the bakers.
Take care,