CakeWalk: The return of Metalcakes

Silver dragees seem like a natural fit for a metal-inspired cake, like these based on the music of Judas Priest (Photo courtesy of Kathy Bejma, Metalcakes)

CakeWalk is a weekly column by Mary Ann Porch dedicated to every baker who has ever struggled to achieve the right consistency with their icing, unsuccessfully searched for the perfect cupcake topper or just wants to learn something new. Because with a few helpful tips, cupcakes are a cakewalk.

If you recall, last week's CakeWalk column focused on an awesome cupcake blog coming out of Chicago called Metalcakes. I have to be honest, since being directed to this site by a friend, I can’t get enough. The writing is cheeky, the recipes are great, and the best part is that when I contacted Kathy, the author of the blog, she actually responded to my interview questions! As a result, I thought it only appropriate to continue our Metalcakes discussion and deem this blog entry “Return of Metalcakes.”

What inspired you to create the blog Metalcakes?
Well, I basically just created the kind of blog I wish was out there. I've read Bake and Destroy, but Ms.Slater doesn't strictly cover cupcakes. I've also read The Black Oven, but Megan only uses black metal adjectives to describe her baked goods, she doesn't talk about music at all. So I decided to create a blog that talks about music I like, and sticks to cupcakes.

How do you go about creating your recipes?
To create my recipes, I decide on a band first. Then I use their song titles or album titles as inspiration for a flavor or look of a cupcake. From there I modify a recipe from my archives, and post only the successful experiments.

Inspired by the band Evile and their song "Killer From the Deep," Kathy decided to base the recipe for Cupcakes From the Deep on her fear of sharks, an obvious rational fear since she lives in Chicago (Photo courtesy of Kathy Bejma, Metalcakes)

Do you have any plans to open up your own bakery and cater to the metal fans of Chicago?
No plans to open my own bakery yet. I'm worried that once I have to bake cupcakes to pay my rent, it won't be as much fun. Right now it's just a fun, tasty hobby.

I have baked for 3 bands. The first was Black Cobra (Sugar Water Cakes). I sent them a message on MySpace the day before they played at Beat Kitchen here, to let them know that I was bringing them cupcakes. After they played I found Rafa, the drummer, outside loading equipment into their van. I was all nervous and like "Um... I have something for you..." He was super excited and said "Are you the girl with the cakes?!?!" They seemed to enjoy them very much. Later on, Rafa and his band mate Jason both sent me thank-you letters. They're so awesome.

The second band I baked for was Skeletonwitch. The guitarest Scunty D liked my blog entry, so he put me on the list when they opened for Danzig. They are so amazing live. We had a lovely time backstage eating Beyond the Permafrosting cupcakes, and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Skeletonwitch enjoying Beyond the Permafrosting cupcakes with Kathy and a friend backstage in 2008 (Photo courtesy of Kathy Bejma, Metalcakes)

The 3rd band was Big Business. They didn't seem too impressed with their Grounds for Dessert cupcakes. I had to e-mail them a week later to see if they liked them, and Toshi was like "Yeah... I ate one." So not everyone is fan of the Metalcakes.

Are you trained in the pastry arts or are cupcakes simply a personal interest/passion?
I'm self-taught. I have a film degree, but my Mom (Marilyn Bejma) is a master of all desserts. I'm always calling her for tips and advice, even though she's not very metal.

Anything else to add?
Thanks again for your interest in my blog! Let me know if you end up making any Metalcakes. I always love to hear about baking successes!

Be sure to check out Kathy's Metalcakes blog and try out some metal-inspired cupcake recipes - who WOULDN'T want to sample a cupcake named Motörhead: Love Me Like a Cupcake? You can also find Metalcakes on Twitter.

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Porkloins said…
The fear of sharks attacking me in downtown Chicago is completely rational. What are you implying?!?!