Cupcake genius alert

Debbie Meyer CupCakeGenius 2-piece Set is for sale for $19.90 at (via The Frisky) - this is my first time even hearing of it so I obviously can't review it, but fyi.

Let your culinary creativity run wild with this Debbie Meyer CupCakeGenius 2-piece Set. Simply slip the innovative patented frame over the nonstick baking pan before baking, and the silicone tips automatically create hollows in the body of your cupcakes or muffins. So you can fill your delectable desserts with whatever sweet treats you desire! Makes a perfect gift for the baker, dessert-lover; or anyone who loves cooking up a creative surprise!

Debbie Meyer CupCakeGenius 2-piece Set Includes:

* 12-cupcake nonstick baking pan
* Silicone-tipped spacer frame


K.Rock said…
Holy cupcake! This is awe.some!!! Must order asap.
Lisa Smiley said…
That would be really really cool! Saves the trouble of making the whole cone..and the mess, too! Someone please review it...of course, I would need half a dozen!
christine said…
I recently purchased this product and my kids and i absolutely loved it. We had a blast filling the cupcakes with candy, cherry pie filling, and even ice cream. Definitely worth the 20 bucks, and right now hsn has it on sale for 15 bucks.