Cupcake Picnic and Delicious Sandwich Social

Eating Bee  Sweet Cupcakes

Yesterday was cloudy but the rain held off as we had our third picnic of the summer at Prospect Park. This picnic is special because in addition to cupcakes there was also a sandwich swap. Our pal Jon Friedman is the creator of the Delicious Sandwich Social and we were happy to join forces again.

Zoey from Bee Sweet Cupcakes in New Orleans came and brought cupcakes she baked in her brother's tiny NYC kitchen. Her cupcakes were wonderfully rich and moist. The Red Velvet is called the "I Love Lucy" which was aptly named considering that many local comedians were in attendance for the picnic. She also brought a dozen cupcakes that would be a chocolate lover's choice, The Chocolate Manic Attack". If you are ever in NOLA, I highly recommend stopping by her bakery. Thanks to everyone who came and brought cupcakes, tasty sandwiches, mini-buns, beef jerky, babies and dogs. [Note: no babies or dogs were eaten during the picnic.] Here are my photos from yesterday.