Cupcake shipping to military bases, anyone?

Our reader Maya sent us this query - I'm hoping some bakery out there can help. If so, leave a comment or email us at cupcakestakethecake at and we will pass your information on to Maya.

I've been a fan of your website for awhile and searched for days (on your website and the web) trying to find a company that would be willing to ship cupcakes/cakes via USPS certified for a birthday coming up. Alas, there seems to be NO COMPANY out there that's willing to ship to any military base. I just thought I'd share the news in hopes that maybe one day, more companies will care about the men and women that fight for our country from the home front.


What base is she trying to ship to?? She needs an address on the base for it to be shipped to. We're at Fort Lewis, WA and if she needs to get cupcakes on post there... she can ship them to us and we'll make sure they get to who they need to get to.
The Fancy Lady said…
Hello i sell cupcakes online id love to help ! the usps post office has special boxes used to ship to bases i actually got a few by accident feel free to email you and ill show you my website and flavor menu and if you have any questions feel free to ask .
where does maya want to deliver to?
Kate said…
It would be helpful to know if she is trying to ship to a forward operating base (FOB) overseas, or if she's referring to a regular military base in the U.S. I'm assuming she's referring to overseas, and in that case many don't ship to APO AE addresses. I hope she gets it worked out!
Unknown said…
I would suggest using a freight forwarding company such as They allow you to ship all of your mail to a US address and consolidate it into a single package for international shipment. This can save 50-80% on shipping costs. You can also forward individual packages at a deeply discounted rate.
Unknown said…
:) I wanted to thank you all for commenting to this post. I had no idea that it would manage to find its way onto the site!

I'm trying to ship to a Navy base in Dam Neck, Virginia by the 27th but the problem I keep having is no one uses USPS (because without the package being certified, there's no way he'll receive it.)
Empress Lange said…
Cheryl & Co. (the mail order cookie company) ships to APO / FPO addresses. They have a birthday cupcake assortment that might be a good fit for you. Additionally, they offer free shipping on select items to military addresses. I just placed an order on yesterday. I really like their treats and their customer service!
Unknown said…
I'd love to help out! I'd recommend sending it more as a kit ie: cupcake, icing, sprinkles all separate and they can "put it together" themselves. Let me know if you still need help.
nicole said…
maybe a company in virginia will ship? ?
there are a lot in Northern Virginia.

The company I worked at shipped things to military bases all the time in priority mail boxes. You can add delivery confirmation for like $1 or many businesses get it for free.

I know delivers in Northern Virginia, you can ask them about delivery to the base. i also remember reading about companies that shipped nationwide, but can't recall the brand(s)