Cupcakes on the cover of the novel Emma's Table

I was browsing at the Strand Bookstore last night - mind you, not something I at all needed to be doing considering the hundreds, possibly thousands of books I own and the countless I want to/am reading right this minute. But anyway, I was there browsing as I tend to do and I already had my selections in hand and wandered by the paperback fiction section and look what I found:

A novel I'd never heard of, Emma's Table, by Philip Galanes.

The most hilarious part is that when I went to look for the cover to blog it, I found two other covers:

(This was, I believe, the hardcover cover.)

Here's part of the description from the author's website:

From the moment Emma Sutton walks into the esteemed Fitzcoopers auction house, the one-time media darling knows exactly what she wants: an exquisite antique dining table. What she doesn’t realize is what she’s finally getting: the chance to set things right.

I'm glad cupcakes, which based on a quick glance, don't factor into the story, made it onto the cover, just because they're fun. Yes, I am a total book cover marketer's dream, because I would, indeed, and did, buy a book simply based on their being cupcakes on the cover!

One of the reviews says it's about a "fictionalized Martha Stewart" so perhaps cupcakes do get mentinoed.


sarahe said…
i am also a book addict...and buy books totally based on the covers!