Cupcakes towers from Blue Cupcake

These cupcake towers (and cake/cupcake towers) are by Blue Cupcake of Los Angeles, run by Julie Desmeules, via their Flickr account. To order, email bluecupcakeinfo at or visit their site for more information.

Black and White Wedding Cupcake Tower

Red, white and chocolate wedding cupcake tower
Wedding cake and cupcake tower

Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are cupcake tower

She writes:

This tower was for a little boy who is just crazy about the book. Some themes are more challenging than others and this was certainly one of them. But when one little boy said to me "oh, this is Max from Where the Wild Things Are," I knew it was somewhat right... :)

200 Cupcakes!

(From Rachel - I love gerbers so really like this tower - which according to the caption Julie's husband built to hold 200 cupcakes!)

Christening Cupcake Tower
Christening cupcake tower - it seems to me like the flowers kindof obscure the cupcakes, but still beautiful, I just of course prefer cupcakes to be front and center!

Colorful Wedding Cupcakes
This wedding cupcake tower impressed me because it has a cake, regular-sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes, all coordinated!


SimplyTara said…
so beautiful! I'm thinking of this for my future wedding!
Julie, no one even comes close to such masterful work... no one!