Death by chocolate cupcake recipe from a cupcake mystery writer

Jenn McKinlay is a mystery author who has a series of cupcake mysteries coming out next year, starting with Sprinkle With Murder (followed by Buttercream Bumpoff and Death by the Dozen).

On the group blog Mystery Lovers' Kitchen, she posted the above chocolate cupcake (and recipe) and wrote:

Luckily, there are recipes out there to accommodate my endless craving for
chocolate. One of these is for the Death by Chocolate Cupcake that my character
Melanie Cooper whips up in her bakery Fairy Tale Cupcakes. Believe me, I had a
wonderful time perfecting this recipe and it actually cured my need for chocolate
(after I ate six of them) for five whole minutes!

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: Dark chocolate ganache on a chocolate with chocolate chip cake.