dog + cupcake: Layla's little brother, Nigel

Wow, one of my all-time favorite puppies has a little brother? And a sweet-faced little French bulldog (?)?

Harvey Wallbanger Cupcakes leave Nigel speechless!

Yes! How does cupcakequeen trainer her pups so well? I must know!

Here's Layla showing Nigel how it's done:

Harvey Wallbanger Cupcakes recipe by the Cake Mix Doctor

Harvey Wallbanger cupcakes by the cupcake queen a la the Cake Mix Doctor:

"Lovely orange cupcakes with hints of star anise, Mediterranean anise, ginger, citrus and vanilla, topped with orange buttercream frosting!"



Cupcake Queen said…

Layla and NIgel say Hi...and thanks!
does Layla ever get a cupcake?