From The Groupon Newsletter: Half Off Cupcakes at Butter Lane

Two of my friends have sent me this email this morning, so I had to take a minute to blog it. Today's Groupon Daily Deal has a special with Butter Lane where you can get half a dozen cupcakes for $8. There's a nice mention of Cupcakes Take The Cake in the email and review by our own Stacie.

This is a beautiful cupcake. White on white on white. First things that hits you in the scent. The coconut-y, vanilla-y bakery smells. I am not normally a coconut fan, especially sweetened coconut, but this one is very good. The cake is sweet (but not too sweet) and had a bit of excessive crumble to it... One of the best things about Butter Lane (besides its cupcakes) is the scent that hits you when you open the door to the bakery. It's warm and inviting inside, and you can see that the owners are dedicated to using organic, local ingredients wherever possible. - Stacie Joy, Cupcakes Take The Cake

Update from Rachel (Nichelle beat me to this!).

Below is a visual of the coupon, though you have to visit Groupon to claim it. This is a bargain you don't want to miss - Butter Lane's cupcakes are delicious and this is quite the steal.

And more details from the Groupon discussion board:

There’s no limit to how many you can buy, but one person can only use three for themselves.

So I can buy 5 give 1 to 2 other people and use 3 at 3 different times.

Please remember 2 important things;
~You can only use 1 per visit
~If you go Monday – Wednesday you get an EXTRA cupcake on the house!