Fun with posters and banners at CupcakeCampKW

Yes, we will be posting the September 2009 events calendar on Tuesday, September 1st, but I had to share these CupcakeCampKW posters with you - so fun! See their site and Twitter account for more information.

From their site:


When: September 19, 2009

Where: The Children’s Museum

What’s a CupcakeCamp? And how do I eat one?

CupcakeCamp, sadly, is not edible. The concept is roughly based on BarCamp/DemoCamp.

CupcakeCamp is an opportunity for our community to come together and share their enthusiasm for cupcakes with all proceeds going to a local charity/not-for-profit (that’s yet to be determined)! Everyone who brings cupcakes will have the opportunity to brag about their creations which will be presented to the Tasters for a cupcake tasting frenzy!


Mohammad Jangda said…
Thanks for sharing the posters and the link love! I had a lot of fun making them!

I'm even considering turning the poster into a tshirt! Best. Tshirt. Ever? I think so ;)