Gigi's Cupcakes expanding nationally

According to a message sent out to the Gigi's Cupcakes group on Facebook, the Nashville, Tennessee cupcake bakery has major expansion plans:

New Gigi's opening soon!!

Huntsville AL August 26th

Chattanooga TN September 4th

Midland TX Early October

Murfreesboro TN Early October

Louisville KY Late October

Atlanta GA ( Buckhead ) Coming soon

Atlanta GA Coming soon

Denver CO Coming soon

photos via Gigi's Cupcakes website

According to their site, they are actively looking to franchise.

Gigi's Cupcakes currently offers flavors such as White Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip, Root Beer Float, Orange Dreamsicle, Key Lime, Cookies 'n' Cream [Dark chocolate cake with Baileys chocolate butter cream frosting topped with Oreo® crumbles and a tiny Oreo® cookie.], Ginger Bread, Caramel Sugar Mama [Caramel cake topped with caramel buttercream and drizzled with caramel and Sugar Babies®. (Note: In Store Speciality Only When Offered)], and others.


Their website also says a location will be coming to Palmdale, CA!
Jenniffer said…
I live very close to Chattanooga TN and I have been seeing the signs for Gigi's. I was not aware that it was a national chain.

Even though I am a fellow baker, I will go in as soon as they open and report back, K?

Kayleigh said…
That is great news!! I love Gigi's, and have been to the Nashville location many, many times. The only bad part is that I live in New York... so here's to hoping in a few years they may mosey on up!
jcmc said…
I can't believe that they are coming to Denver. It's such a saturated market already. Didn't anybody do their research? If they want to go to CO, they should look at Castle Rock or Colorado Springs. Or Fort Collins.
Al Dente said…
In response to the comment about coming to Denver, Yes I did do my research. Denver is a huge market and we're locating ourselves close to the center of town (rather than in the neighborhoods like most cupcake stores). I'm opening up the store in Denver and hope everyone will come and give us a swirl! Gigi's is different from any other cupcake shop in town. I hope once you taste the cupcakes you'll be as blown away as I was! I'll keep you posted on opening dates.