How to judge 40+ cupcakes at a time

Anchor Mommy gives the scoop on what it was like to judge recent cupcake competition Cupcake Collective - and provides the winning recipe, which was none other than my very favorite, s'mores!

I was asked to taste more than 40 cupcakes. Yes, you read that right — 40+ cupcakes. If I may, I’d like to share with you what I learned from this gluttonous exercise in cake and buttercream consumption.

1 If you are given one half of each cupcake to try when tasting 40+ cupcakes, do not try to be polite and eat the whole half. Take a bite. Throw the rest away, for heaven’s sake.

2 When you get halfway through the tasting process, prepare to start taking some very deep breaths. You may want a chair nearby so you can rest and let the sugar shock take effect.

3 Be prepared to turn your back or hide your face. Your expressions will start to look very pained, and you don’t want the cupcake makers to see you and become offended.

I persevered through those 40+ cupcakes, but I did get a stomachache later. (After I succumbed to the Cupcake Coma — I was only unconscious for one hour — I was completely healed.) Now, I am able to share the recipe for the TASTIEST CUPCAKE OF THE COLLECTIVE! Alisha Donahue won $100 and a baking mix for her S’mores cupcake recipe. Alisha says she pretty much made up this recipe as she went, so the following recipe is a rough approximation. “Be warned,” she adds. “These are MESSY.”