Mad Men cupcakes!!

I love Twitter, and the internet, and Mad Men. I don't watch all that much TV but I am glued to that show and got all aflutter last week when @cupcakeblog (aka, us) got a DM (direct message) from @BettyDraper. Woo-hoo! Anyone else want to try their hand a Mad Men cupcakes? I personally would love to see Joan and Peggy cupcakes. 'Tis indeed true; ask and ye shall receive!

This is a white cake with Jack Daniels frosting and a candy cigarette with "ashes," aka cookie crumbs, by Cupcakes N Cones of Santa Clara, California (@cupcakesncones on Twitter) who can be reached at:

cupcakesncones at


Margarita Bloom said…
Nice! Love that show!
Greta said…
Yes, please make more Mad Men cupcakes!
Nichelle said…
OMG! I love Mad Men and cupcakes, so this is wonderful.