Minneapolis cupcake update from Sheela Namakkal of Miel y Leche

Even though I wound up having a whirlwind 15 hour trip to Minneapolis (boo!), I did get treated to some very lovely Midwest hospitality. Sheela Namakkal of Miel y Leche brought me these cupcakes:

Miel y Leche cupcake awesomeness

The bacon one is her infamous Elvis cupcake, with maple bacon, peanut butter frosting and banana cake. It was a favorite among the people I shared it with, though I stole all the bacon. The vegan blackberry one was also quite delicious.

Sheela gave me the scoop on what's new with Miel y Leche, and why if you want her to cater your wedding cupcakes, you better place your order for October and beyond right now before she's all booked up! Check her blog weekly for updates on which of her 80+ flavors she's serving at 3 Twin Cities locations on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and she does custom orders too.


Erin vs. Paris said…
so it IS a bacon cupcake!!!
Shell said…
Wishing I was in Minneapolis to taste her cupcake. Sheela has great personality too.