New Cupcake Royale decor catches eye of New York Times blog

The new Cupcake Royale in Seattle is causing a stir with its design, including stained glass. Brooke Hodge covered it in her Seeing Things column for New York Times design blog The Moment:

Since Hall sees her cafes as community hubs, she and McMakin created a homey but hip atmosphere, complete with wooden chairs and stools from the Simply Amish furniture company that McMakin then customized and colored. The chairs — in pink, white and walnut — are like those from your grandmother’s kitchen. (The pink is the color of Cupcake Royale’s packaging and a close match to the frosting on its new strawberry cupcakes.)

McMakin’s signature spare aesthetic is on display, with sculptural white banquettes and — in a party room separated by a curtain from the main space — a classic wood table with seating for 12. A picture window offers a glimpse of the back-of-the-house baking operations, while a sprinkle bar in the front showcases numerous cupcake-topping options. Enjoy a cup of Stumptown coffee and a lemon drop cupcake, and you’ll feel quite royale yourself.

And if you could care less what your cupcakeries look like and just want to know about CUPCAKES!, well, here you go. :) Cakespy just posted the Cupcake Royale August flavor of the month, raspberry lemonade:

As always, get more information on Cupcake Royale on their website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

I think this means it's probably time to update (aka, redo) our June 2005 cupcake interview with owner Jody Hall. They've expanded by leaps and bounds since then!