RSPCA cupcakes


These RSPCA cupcakes are by My Sweethearts Bakery via Flickr. (See this photo set for more of their cupcake artistry.) I couldn't find their exact location on their site (yet another thing any budding cupcake company should have basically on every page of your site, in my opinion). They can be reached at mysweetheartsbakery at



Nina said…
These are great :)
I'd just like to mention that RSPCA in Australia is having a "Cupcake Day for the RSPCA" on 17 August 2009, and all proceeds are donated directly to the RSPCA! Needless to say this is the perfect opportunity to make more cupcakes!!
Duchess Doro said…
Oh yeah, they're based in Sydney.

My friend Jan helped out the baker to make the cupcakes for RSPCA. And I've got to say, not only were they gorgeous, they tasted AWESOME too!!! Lucious chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting!