Spotlight on ShiShi in Montreal

Most of our cupcake photo Spotlight posts are from posters to our Flickr cupcake photo pool, but sometimes we make an exception when there are especially gorgeous cupcake photos that catch our eye. (To be considered for a Spotlight post, drop us a line with your Flickr URL to cupcaketakethecake at - if you're not on Flickr, we highly recommend getting on there, but you can also send your regular URL or submit photos. I'm extremely behind on these posts so cannot guarantee yours will get posted but we do our best.)

That happened when I opened the email from Vanessa, one of the owners of ShiShi. Here's how they describe themselves:

ShiShi is a home-based bakery in Montreal, specializing in signature cupcakes, fairy cakes & miniature desserts. Made with the highest quality ingredients and attention to detail, we also specialize in vegan, diabetic-friendly & gluten/casein free options. A little about us — We are Joanne & Vanessa, collectively with over 40 years experience in baking and cooking, we would like to bring something new to your table!

These are the ways they categorize their cupcakes: basic cupcakes, fruit cupcakes, gluten-free cupcakes, liqueur cupcakes, stuffed cupcakes, vegan cupcakes

What I love about that is that these chocolate and vanilla cupcakes below are their BASIC ones. Hello, basic, sign me up!

These are assorted photos from their site, do explore more (descriptions theirs):

Strawberry shortcake cupcakes - "Strawberries glazed over a delicious strawberry cupcake."

Coconut lime cupcakes

Tiramisu cupcakes

Sesame Street cupcakes

Fleur-de-Sel cupcakes - "These cupcakes combine some classic flavor favorites: sweet and salty caramel, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! Filled with a satin caramel and fleur-de-sel, topped with whipped chocolate ganache, yes — whipped chocolate ganache — a sprinkling of fleur-de-sel and caramel candy for a decorative touch."

Creme brulee cupcakes - "filled with the traditional crème-brûlée custard, and topped with the classic browned caramelized sugar on top."

Sambuca shooter cupcakes - "A delicious anise-flavored liqueur paired with chocolate make these miniature delights the perfect companion to a cup of espresso."

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