A stunning red velvet cupcake in Singapore

This cupcake photo comes from blogger Jo Soh at THE HANSEL BLOG, who writes:

I didn't know cupcakes were released in "collections" just like fashion!

At the recent Whitecard launch event at the National Museum of Singapore, I was introduced to the new season of cupcakes from Marmalade Pantry and I was especially besotted by the "Red Velvet" for its RICH RED COLOUR and its heart racing contrast against the OFF-WHITE creamy icing.

OK, OK, OK, the sugar content was responsible for some of those heart flutters too.

The cupcake itself is from The Marmalade Pantry in Singapore.

Almost every time I ask a cupcake bakery owner what their bestselling cupcake is, they say red velvet. Since it's not my personal favorite, I'm always intrigued. Is it the color? The mystery? The contrast? The taste? Red velvet lovers - what do you think?


Sara said…
I think it's the taste! It's not chocolatey, and it's not vanilla-ey, it's just a yummy moist cake.
Sarah Ferstel said…
Hi! Love your blog. I'm not a huge fan of red velvet either, but my friends always ask me to make them for parties, etc. I think the appeal lies somewhere between the red color and the name. "Red velvet" sounds fancy and a bit mysterious.

Also, here in the south, the groom's cake is usually red velvet, but I don't know if people outside the south associate red velvet with weddings.
Megan said…
I don't order red velvet cake at most places. If it's bright red, I know someone just dumped food coloring into vanilla cake butter : P I instead make it from scratch at home, with cocoa, buttermilk, etc.
cookiestork said…
I've always wondered too - I know plenty of people who say that it's their favorite; though I do like them they don't seem to enrapture me the way they do to so many others. Usually they are made really well, and are moist and soft, which is nice, but I've had plenty of other cupcakes that have those characteristics. Still, people ask me to make it all the time. There's just so much coloring in it though, so I don't like making it often.

Perhaps because the simplicity? It's not got too many bold flavors to complicate it; it's just a nice cake, as Sara mentioned. Though people like original cupcakes, often the most requested ones are the simplest: chocolate, etc.
i have a marmalde pantry post on my blog with cupcake pictures :) my fav there is the elvis cupcake - not red-velvet. xx