Tie dye, rockstar and flower cupcakes from JazzyCake

All of these photos are by JazzyCake on Flickr.

According to JazzyCake on Facebook (reminder to all, and I am working on 10 Flickr tips, but you can find customers on Flickr as easily as anywhere else - adding your contact info there is a must!):

JazzyCake makes custom-made cupcakes and other treats that are available for local delivery in the Central Florida area.

Also, via Facebook, here's what she's currently making:

Muscovado sugar-studded peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate mousse buttercream.


You can also follow @JazzyCakeSweets on Twitter and she can be reached via Flickr, Facebook or at 386-479-9912.

Pretty orange flowers
(from me: I like the double layer of frosting used to make these flowers.)

Strawberry shortcake cupcakes
Strawberry shortcake cupcakes: vanilla butter cake with fresh strawberry-vanilla buttercream and filled with fresh strawberries.

(from me: Swirls, sugar crystals and a guitar - these just draw me in.)

pug cupcake 3
A pug cupcake! Vanilla cupcake with tinted vanilla buttercream, tootsie roll ears, m&m eyes, jelly bean nose, and starburst tongue!

Pug cupcake
(And another pug cupcake, because even though I wouldn't really say I'm a "dog person," I like pugs.)

Groovy cupcake!
A tie dye cupcake cake for her daughter's first birthday.

Cupcakes for my cupcake
(I think this is actually the same cupcake cake!)

Winnie The Pooh Cupcakes
Winnie the Pooh cupcakes

Curious George party
Curious George cupcakes: Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla marshmallow buttercream. Vanilla fondant hats and bananas and candy stars.
(my cousin, who's turning 4 in November, would go crazy over these!)


Unknown said…
seriously LOVE the pug cupcakes!
the princess said…
i think the tie dye one is really cool. i might have to try a smaller version now...