Twitter trend campaign for #cupcakes this Friday

Please RT and pass this on. I wonder what happens if we succeed? And if you're wondering, I had this harebrained scheme tonight while I'm extremely exhausted - figured if we gave ourselves a few days we can build up some cupcake momentum.

Update: - see the whole "extremely exhausted" part above - hence, my misreading my calendar and thinking Friday was the 29th when in fact it's the 28th. This has already spawned a ton of ReTweets so fyi, I meant Friday the 28th. Momentum is building, very exciting, hopefully people will get what I meant. Or both days will be all about #cupcakes! Thanks @lttlemisscupcake for the correction and let that be a lesson not to Tweet when you're (over)tired.

And, as always, follow us @cupcakeblog and keep up with our list of cupcake bakeries on Twitter (which I add to at least several time a week so if you're not on the list, let us know at cupcakestakethecake at!


Jess said…
Just a question - how do you do screenshots/images of just a single tweet?