Update on world's largest cupcake: NOT 7,000 pounds!

Turns out according to The Detroit News something went wrong with a piece of equipment and the 7,000 pound cupcake was not to be but they still set the world record:

The 800 pound cake is topped with 300+ pounds of frosting -- pink frosting for the Passionately Pink for the Cure program to raise funds to fight breast cancer. To raise funds, organizers will sell smaller cupcakes and let you have your photo taken with the classic confection for a donation.

The record-breaking cake will be cut up and served tonight.


Unknown said…
i got to meet the people working on the cupcake. they wasnt really many people that came that were interested in just the cupcake. it was mostly just passerbyers. i was there for almost three hours, watching the process of the cupcake. from frosting, to weighing, to the presenting and giving the award.
i was really disappointed by a lot of the things i heard from people walking by, that had heard things about the cupcake before. saying things like its small, and it was supposed to be 10,000lbs, six feet by six feet. i wanted to go up and yell in their face "THAT THING IS FREAKING HUGE, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" i just think they dont take into consideration all of the things in a cake that huge. how many batches of batter. how huge of an oven you need to find, and how long it has to stay in. this cupcake [with frosting and filling] was 1224lbs. if thats a small cupcake, id be scared to see what a large one looks like.
i was also surprised that they were calling out to the street, like any other sidewalk vender person. i mean i understand getting more people to hear about it, but its that there wasnt people alraedy there. there wasnt really a nice even medium sized line going any of the time i was there.

i had donated for one of the cupcakes, they were awesome. the custard was really good.
i had spent enough time there for the day though. which was disappointing because i would of liked to see the cutting up of the cake.

my seven year old brother was making fun of me because of how excited i was to take a picture of it. then he jumped in the picture with me too! lol
Lady J said…
any photos?
holy hannah...either way, that is a @#$%load of cupcake.
articia said…
I was there, I saw the cupcake.

It was pretty great. I got a few photos of myself and the my two manly friends in front of the giant pink cupcake haha. What's funny is that I didn't even have to drag them along, they came willingly! We all tasted the cupcake, they were small samples but i couldn't finish mine since the frosting was soooo sweet, they guys loved it though.

I also heard that the reason the cupcake was smaller was because of a malfunction with a probe that monitored the temp of the oven while cooking the original cupcake. They thought all was well but when they took the cupcake out, they found that it had not cooked properly. Since they only had 12 hours til the showing, they had to sacrifice and make a much smaller version. I also learned of the secret burial ground of the first giant cupcake attempt and turns out it's only minutes from my house. I'll try to get photos of that as well. haha

Manda, the reason they were calling out like street vendors is because they were trying to get donations for breast cancer research, they cupcake was really just to pull people in.