Vegan and gluten-free cupcakes coming to CakeLove soon

Via CakeLove owner Warren Brown's blog:

Due to rising demand of the gluten free cakes and cupcakes and the vegan cakes and cupcakes we’re going to make them available for order via the online store very soon. We strive to have both types in stock in each bakery but it seems like the requests are well ahead of the supply. I think we got kind of tunnel vision or skewed vision since when the product lines launched they started off really slowly (in 2006 well before the mass media talked about vegan or gluten free).

Anyway, online ordering will require what seems like a long lead time for CakeLove of 4 days, but it’s necessary b/c there are a lot of adjustments and special ingredients we have to source for each product line. We’ll route all ordering of GF and Vegan orders to the online store by the fall, except for walk-in cupcakes which, like now, could suffer from selling out perhaps before the shop closes for the day.

See also: our March 2005 cupcake interview with Warren Brown (this one's due for an update post Sugar Rush and cookbook and major CakeLove expansion!).