Westchester to get cupcake/coffee bar in Tarrytown

Examiner.com brings word of a cupcake/coffee bar coming to Tarrytown, New York, part of Westchester, from the owner of Scarsdale's Lulu Patisserie, Jay Muse.

“Our concept,” he says. “Pastries baked from scratch using the freshest, organic, locally sourced ingredients.”

He’s also said he is creating “a few innovative, sophisticated flavor combinations with a clear, defined purpose — not just for the sake of having another cupcake flavor.”

A few examples:

• Browned butter banana cupcakes with mascarpone frosting.
• Black sesame and candied ginger cupcakes.
• Lemon cupcakes with lavender buttercream.
• Valrhona dark chocolate cupcakes with sweet and salty whipped caramel.
• Peanut butter cupcakes filled with spiced peanut butter ganache
• Strawberry cupcakes with frais du bois berries and cream cheese from a local creamery.


Ooo Ooo!! I totally live near there!!! I totally would go check him out. I'm obsessed with a good cupcake =)
Unknown said…
Lulu's cupcakes rock! I can't wait for them to make more than their regular chocolate and vanilla varieties!

So I went in after reading this and asked them about their new bakery not knowing that they were working on their cupcakes and they let me try a sample of the black sesame and banana brown butter cupcakes...all I can say is OUTRAGEOUS.

They are very similar to Chikalicious, equally delicious, even better because they have more substance and not as airy like.

The black sesame was really unusual but so yummy its like something you've never really had before or tasted before but its delicious. Bizarre experience- The banana was so light and creamy with a rum vanilla like frosting and buttery- perfect.

I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this, but I had to report back I normally read this blog and never post things but thistime i had to LOL