Awesome zombie cupcake necklace

Brains! Braaaaaiiiinss! Yeah, this combines two specific loves: cupcakes and zombies. But why not?

Available from beatblack on Etsy, $30 plus shipping.

"It spread!!!
There's something not quite right with this one. I'm afraid he may have stayed in the oven too long? He's gone moldy, he drools, he bites something fierce and It seems to be spreading to the others!! I'm afraid he may be... *Gasp* undead.

This cupcake has been handmade from a durable polymer clay, baked then glazed. It looks as though after the first bite this one may have gotten away.

Chain or color adjustments are always welcomed. If you'd like to personalize your necklace just let me know before you place your order.

Cupcake- 1 5/8"(4cm) x 1 5/8"(4cm)
Chain- 17" (43cm)"

There's another zombie cupcake available, here, and yet another here. There's also happy face cupcake necklace and a sad face one (both on sale for $18 plus shipping).

(Personally, I love the spider web necklace so much it hurts. Perfect for Halloween -- or any time!)


Joanna said…
I love this!