CupcakeCentral Goes Live!

Our friends at Reynolds sent this in first thing this morning, the new Cupcake Central site is now live! And looks terrific. I was cautioned that this is the starter site, and that more recipes, photos, and ideas are being added, but it's a wonderful beginning, don't you think?

I'm particularly interested in the Baked For You/StayBrite foil baking cups (and shapes). I've been a longstanding user of (since discontinued) star- and heart-shaped Reynolds foil shapes, and love the new foil colors, patters, and designs.

Reynolds is working with Cupcakes Take the Cake to do a giveaway (Yay! I love giveaways!) soon, so keep your eyes peeled (whatever that means).

My personal stash of the no-longer-available heart- and star-shaped liners:


Some of the beautiful and fabulous new StayBrite liners:




Monkeys and 'nanners!


Very pretty flowers


Brown and blue pattern (very elegant)

Perfect for Halloween, the ghost cups. Hah! And last night I was told if you turn them upside-down you can make witch hats! So clever.


The bummer for Manhattan folk is that the ghost-shape liners are currently available at Target, and there is no Manhattan Target, but the rest of the U.S. can go and shop contentedly. Not sure about international shoppers.

All of the liners, however, are available online at (There's a minimum for purchase, but it's not terrible. My suggestion is to buddy-up with someone and split the shipping and minimums costs.)

All shots by Stacie Joy, you can see the rest of the set here.


Joan said…
There is a Target on Queens Blvd. in Elmhurst. There are buses and trains right outside the building, since I no longer live in NY I am not sure of the exact address or the bus/train line numbers. It is not too far out of the city.
noisy penguin said…
I was lucky enough to get some of these to try out a little while back and I loved them. I wrote a blog post about them here: