How to make a cupcake bouquet

Have you seen photos of cupcake bouquets and wanted to make one but didn't know how? Well, the awesomely-named blog Baa Baa, Cupcake, Have You Any Frosting? has a cupcake bouquet tutorial for you!

From the blog:

I get a lot of questions about how I have enough time to bake and be a student. Cupcaking is my creative outlet. I feel like all day I have to act professional and focus on differential diagnoses, but when I get home and hear the clink of the paper liners in the cupcake tin, I get excited about the countless possibilities of cake, frosting, decoration, and so forth. I just make sure to take the time to bake, and sometimes it gets spread over a couple of days.

Sometimes I get a little carried away with taking things to the next level, and I'll spend hours crumbling graham crackers by hand for the perfect crust to a s'more cupcake. It only makes sense when I saw on the Reynolds website an idea for making cupcake bouquets that I had to try it!

I bookmarked the idea for a later date, and the opportunity finally arose when Allie decided to have her Tea Partay. Surprisingly, it wasn't too difficult to make a cupcake bouquet! It took a lot of patience, however. I made the Earl Grey cupcakes and iced them to look like sunflowers and chrysanthemums the night before. You can use whatever kind of cupcake you want (and obviously decorate them however you like) but it is important to use a dense cupcake so that it will stay put on a popsicle stick. Also, you don't want the icing or topping to be too heavy, otherwise it might fall right off the cupcake!

Read the whole step by step post for instructions.

field of cupcakes
photos via Baa Baa Cupcake's cupcake bouquet Flickr set

cupcakes orbiting
(This photo is my personal favorite!)


fabulous, thank you for posting this:)!!!
cv said…
I did this last year for my daughter's birthday -and used some green leaf lettuce to fill the gaps. thanks for posting a step-by-step. I'll definitely do it again! I'll e-mail some pics of the bouquet with the lettuce. Love your blog!!
Baa Baa Cupcake said…
Thank you for linking to my blog :) It is such an honor! For viewers, I invite you to follow my blog and to become my contact on Flickr.

Unknown said…
Following this post, I made a bouquet for my dad's birthday last weekend (instead of a traditional cake). It was such a huge hit! I've been asked to make several more!
Mari's Cakes said…
Very Cute! I just did one last week with cupcake roses, sunflowers would have been a great hit too! I love the idea of sunflowers! You're welcome to see mine:

Have a great afternoon,