September 2009 cupcake calendar

Cupcake events this month! If you're having an event that's not listed, email us at cupcakestakethecake at with all the usual information (name/date/time, description, cost, URL, image if available) and we will try to add it. I'll update my Chicago cupcake meetup details as soon as I can.

September 13, probably noon
Chicago Cupcakes Take the Cake Sweetup at Molly's Cupcakes

Meet at Molly's Cupcakes, followed by field trip to check out Cakespy at Renegade Craft Fair.

Email cupcakestakethecake at for the latest details.

September 13, 1 pm
Los Angeles Cupcake Meetup

Almost two years ago we went to Yummy's in Santa Monica, but now let's revisit this cupcakery but at their Burbank location.

Yummy Cupcakes are baked from scratch every morning and all day long on premises by pastry chefs who hold the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Degree, a culinary standard of excellence. Yummy Cupcakes are made using wholesome, quality ingredients such as sweet creamery butter, whole milk, whipping cream and buttermilk, pure cane sugars and flours, fresh whole fruits, fruit juices and zests, rich quality chocolates, vanilla bean and ranch fresh eggs. . . no shortenings, prepackaged mixes, lards, trans fats or preservatives. 43 (and growing) flavor combinations for you to choose from! Cupcake are typically $2.75 or $3.00 each. Vegan Cupcakes served fresh every Fri, Sun & Mon.

There are two benches outside that we'll try and grab. Plenty of street parking available too.

September 14, 6 pm
Iron Cupcake: Chicago - Candy

Click below to visit Beautiful Cakes for more info.

September 19, 10 am - 5 pm
Bake Sale for Charity/NYC Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup

From our Meetup group - make sure to join/RSVP for updates:

Bakers WANTED! Our next meetup is a bake sale at the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea. Last year, we raised over $700 for Cancer Care's annual fundraiser, Cupcakes For A Cause, and this time we hope to raise over $1000.

Let us know if you want to bake some goods, or work an hour shift selling cupcakes! And of course, if you want to come and eat cupcakes, then please come and bring your cash. The bake sale will be from 10AM-5PM on Saturday, September 19.

The Brooklyn Flea
A/C to Lafayette Ave.
G to Clinton/Washington Ave.
2/3, 4/5, B/D/Q, M/N/R to Atlantic Ave.-Pacific St (use Hanson Place exit/elevator, walk up Hanson Place to Greene Ave.,
then follow Greene Ave. 4 blocks and turn left on Clermont Ave.)

September 19, 9 am - 9 pm
Washington, DC Cupcake Crawl

Click above for full details.


The word inspires love or loathing in many. This event is for the cupcake lovers.

Spend any time in the DMV and you've probably already come across a cupcake or two. Many of us already have cupcake lists. But can you REALLY be sure you've given THE cupcakeries and bakeries in the area a fair shake? Is there a chance you might have missed a cupcake or two?

The time has come to find out. Join us for a day (yes, a whole day!) of cupcakes.

Don't worry, we're not asking you to eat 15-30 cupcakes. We'll aim to split our cakes into halves, thirds, or fourths to maximize our dollars and stomach capacities (and hopefully reduce the diabetic coma). At each stop we'll attempt to sample a vanilla or chocolate cupcake AND a specialty cupcake that the shop may be known for (or featuring in September).

We'll have a 'scorecard' to help you keep track and, with enough interest, maybe water bottles and custom t-shirts to show our cupcake insanity.

September 21, 6 pm
Iron Cupcake Milwaukee Challenge: Color

September 26
Project Cupcake, 2 pm

September 26, 7 pm
Iron Cupcake: Moorestown, New Jersey - Maple

Iron Cupcake Challenge for Charity to benefit Ronald McDonald House.

Event host: Kati Angelini 609-332-2172 fangelini at
Sponsored by Kati's Cupcakes