Spotlight on The Sweet Stash

The Sweet Stash will be opening soon in Franklin, Tennessee, and owner Whitney May sent us these photos by Cameron Powell of sweet stauches, as in moustaches. Adorable! They plan to be open by the 2009 holiday season and we will keep you posted, but in the meantime you can reach them via Flickr. Whitney says they will specialize in treats for humans and dogs, hence the doggie below.

The following photos are from The Sweet Stash on Flickr.

S'Mores & Mores...
S'mores! That's really all you need to know in my opinion - since s'mores are the best. Some of you are probably sick of me blogging about s'mores cupcakes but I say, the more the merrier.

"American University" Themed Cupcake Send-Off!
American University themed cupcake tower:
"Vanilla almond cupcakes with traditional vanilla buttercream frosting. All decorations are fondant, butter rum flavored candy, jimmies, abstract chocolate designs and the non-edible 'poofy' things on the top cupcake."

And inside one of the American University ultra-patriotic cupcakes:

Cupcake Interior

Cupcake Overflow
Is that blue cake I see? These were extras that didn't fit into a cupcake tower.

'Welcome to the Neighborhood!' cupcakes :o)
"Vanilla almond cakelets with traditional vanilla buttercream frosting. Jazzy ornaments made of delish marshmallow fondant."

Want One?
cupcake in a box


WA Mom said…
These are AWESOME! I can't wait to try them :)!!
The American ones are so cute and very patriotic!
Donnell said…
that is really pretty, just looks like a bouquet of flowers.