Video interview with Beth Welch, Head Pastry Chef, Swirlz Cupcakes, Chicago

I had such a great time at Swirlz Cupcakes - thank you to Pam, Margot, Beth and the entire staff who were so friendly and gracious and gave me so many cupcakes I could hardly eat them all. They even gave me Thai food (they don't sell that, were just ordering some). I was impressed with both how beautiful the cupcakes were and how rich-tasting. Creamy and lush and delicious. And their gluten-free cupcakes, which is one of the things I talked to head pastry chef Beth Welch about, below, were amazing. I also liked that they had something we don't really see too much here in New York: outdoor seating. Saturday was a beautiful day and they were giving away free mini cupcakes, which were a big hit with passerby. I also got the meet the husband (whose name I forgot, sorry!) of cupcake blogger Elise of Cupcake Activist.

If you have any other questions you'd like me to ask Beth in an upcoming Q&A, write me at cupcakestakethecake at And here's a previous interview with the four owners of Swirlz. They also had me give a donation to nearby Children's Memorial Hospital, part of their ongoing charity efforts. And I cannot forget the amazing edible Cupcakes Take the Cake logos they were selling on so many of their cupcakes. WOW. I was not expecting that and was so touched. Word to Chicago companies: if you want your logo on a cupcake, check out Swirlz.

Some of Beth's handiwork as they prepare for Halloween:


A few of my Swirlz photos:

Happy cupcakes at Swirlz!


Swirlz has a surprise flavor every day - Saturday one of them (I think this one shown) was Snickers.




Kelly Muys Wood said…
I have been to Swirlz and had Beth's cupcakes. They are so good, that my husband, Andrew, has been ordered not to arrive home from his business trips to Chicago without them! Great job, Beth!!!

My husband, Skyler, had a great time meeting you and eating the cupcakes at Swirlz. I wish I could have been there!