Win cupcake cards from Paper Lotus

Paper Lotus has been kind enough to donate three sets of cards, one each of the following designs, $6 value each, for our latest contest! If you just can't wait, the first two are for sale now in their Etsy store, click on the images below to purchase. Each set includes four cards and envelopes and is blank inside. Look for the cupcake girl card set in their store soon as well.

To enter, leave a comment along with your email address (you can format it as name at or a link with a way to contact you AND tell us which one you like best and why. One entry per person, US only. Our comments are moderated so only leave your comment ONCE; we will approve it as soon as we can.

Thanks, Paper Lotus!

Deadline: September 30, 5 pm EST

(And if you haven't entered yet, that's also the deadline to win the cupcake plush toy.)

If you have questions or would like to donate a contest prize, email us at cupcakestakethecake at


ooooo! these are fantastic! i esp. like the first set:)!!
Christina said…
I love the first one the best, even though they all are amazing! It's very cute and different, and reminds me of something I did in computer class a while ago.

Also it makes me extremely hungry!


Christina Marie (
Rebecca said…
These are so cute!! I love the 3rd set!!
Rebecca Boetticher
That's Sweet said…
Love the cupcake flowers.... too cute :)
Jennifer said…
These are great! Thanks for the giveaway!

Mini Baker said…
sooo cute!! Love the first ones especially!
happy Baking,
Mini Baker :)
Ryan Grace said…
i like the first set the best! very cheerful!
Christina said…
I like the last card. She's so fun & all those cupcakes are great!
cleung341 said…
Loving the cupcake tree. This is a really fun card and looks so festive.
these are adorable!
the first one is my favorite!

what a great blog!
little bird said…
i like the first one
deefna at gmail dot com
Jo Lynne said…
My contest comments via haiku:

A cupcake garden.
Paperlotus cupcake cards
With sprinkles on top!
windycindy said…
She has a wonderful shop! I adore the Cupcake Tree Cards.
Many thanks, Cindi
Amber said…
I love the "let them eat cupcakes" set!
Thank you for the giveaway :)
Cara said…
Super cute :)
annemarie said…
These are darling - I love the cupcake flowers - the first set. Thanks for the chance to win.
donovan said…
the first card reminds me of my own cupcake garden so much i wonder if she snuck into my yard and took a picture of my plants. if it was just the outlines, it would be the first page any kid would go to in a coloring book to make it look more delicious. since the artist has already done that, i say i kind of like looking at it. it is easy to get lost in the cupcakes, thinking about the flavors, favorites as a child, cupcake memories as a the kid who always stuck his nose in the frosting first to make everyone laugh. tho all beautiful, the first one just takes me to happy cupcake places. a place i honestly didn't know i had. but this artist took me there. yum. NICE.
(dear artist: could you possibly draw a glass of milk?)
Amanda said…
I love the last one! Who doesn't want to hear 'let them eat cupcakes'?!

amanda.leone at gmail
this is hard, i like the first and the second. BUT i think the second one is just a dream come true... cupcake growing on TREES?! oh the joy!!

flamegoddess65 (at)
Shona Meyer said…
I love, love, love the 3rd set! So chic and the perfect card to send to all of your friends!!
Jennifer said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcake flowers... if only there were actual seeds you could plant to grow cupcakes!

Mrs.R said…
i absolutely adore the 3rd set!!!!

sarahe said…
i like the first the best, but they're all adorable!
cmjhawaii said…
I love the second one best. I like the swirls and the hanging paper lanterns.
Lauren said…
OMG I love the first set!

The fact that cupcakes are portrayed as flowers shows how beautiful they can be. They really are a work of art!
I absolutely love the 3rd card!!!! The girl holding the platter of cupcakes looks cheerful and inviting! email:
Nuclear Mom said…
Love the first one!
Love the Happy Birthday card! (#2)

Super cute cards~

Gwen said…
Each one is cute on their own, but the middle one stands out for me because of the simple colors. The red pops for sure, and I love it with light blue and white.
Christina Joy said…
For sure, the cupcake flowers! (#1) I wouldn't mind a garden that grew cupcakes of various kinds...mmmmm.
amanda said…
I love the first one with the flowers!! SO cute!!
ladefly said…
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love these, If I do not win, then I will definitly have to buy... They are awesome.
cara said…
I love the cupcake flower cards the best. Could you imagine if cupcakes grew like flowers? If they ever figured out how to do that, I'd quit my job immediately and become a flower farmer--organic of course. :) It gives sunflower cupcakes a whole new meaning.

BTW, I absolutely lover your blog. Every time I get the newest installment in my inbox, I devour every word of it. Thanks!

carashow at gmail dot com
fieryh0tt said…
W.o.w!! :D these are the cutest cards!
I wish I was artsy enough to make some of my own, but since i'm not I'll just have to buy (or win, hopefully!) some! c:
Susan S. said…
These are adorable. Love the cupcake flowers!
Melanie said…
The cupcake flowers are my absolute fav, although the cupcake girl is a close second!

phdserts at
cric1 said…
They all look SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I especially like the 2nd one!

Happy Baking!!!
Danielle said…
I LOVE the three cupcake plants! They are so cute, and would be so fun to send to people just for fun.
thecupcakecafe said…
the second one. the cupcake tree is so cute and kind of classy compared to the other two. (they are still awesome tho!) but the blue and red together are just pleasing to my eyes i suppose.
Michelle said…
I make it a goal of mine to send a card or post card to someone once a week. I know that it makes my day when I receive a letter, and I hope that my letters make other people's day too!
Thanks for the great give away, I hope I win!