Spotlight on Frosted Cupcakery

All images are by Frosted Cupcakery, some from their blog Frosted Frequency, and some from their Facebook page. You can also find them on Twitter @FrostedTweets.

These cupcakes above are from last September but I couldn't resist:

We started this month off with a peanut butter & jelly cupcake for the first week of back-to-school! But we're hittin' our stride this month with an end of summer treat. A fast favorite among Team Frosted, it's a banana cake with chocolate buttercream covered in chopped peanuts.

chocolate animals!

Oreo cookies and cream cupcake - from a customer review:

One (of many) thing(s) that I truly enjoyed about this cupcake was their masterful application of frosting. Here in America we are trained to think bigger is better, and more more more is preferred! It's sickening to see a stale, shabby looking cupcake with a mountain of frosting to try and disguise its poor exterior and bland flavor by relying on a never-ending swirl of mediocre sugar piled on top. This cupcake was moist and obviously had homemade icing gracing the top in a perfect amount of sweet goodness to fill the mouth.


Lauren said…
Wow! Those all look great!