My face on a cupcake = delicious!

After seeing the work of new New York custom dessert company Treat, I had a feeling that they'd be able to make my image in cupcake form, and they did! Based on a drawing of me by our cupcake-loving friend Molly Crabapple, Treat made these cupcakes:

rachel group

How incredibly cool is that? And they were glittery. This is me about to eat it - I must admit that biting my own head off was a little odd. I was given a choice of these flavors for the cake: chocolate, vanilla, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate mint, mayan chocolate (has a bit of heat), dulce de leche, pink champagne, chocolate merlot, red velvet. I chose mint chocolate and got a rich chocolate cake with a delicious mint frosting. The dozen logo cupcakes were $5 each ($60) and then the chocolate banana were $4 each ($48) - a very special treat indeed, from Treat.

Me with my logo cupcake by Treat

Taking the plunge:

Me eating my logo cupcake by Treat

I also bought some of their chocolate banana cupcakes (photos TK). Delicious! There was a rich, dark chocolate frosting on top and the bottom tasted like a banana muffin (in a good way).

Find out more about Treat on their website as well as Twitter and Facebook.

And for those attending our 5-year Cupcakes Take the Cake anniversary party on December 3rd at Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan, Harley from Treat will be in attendance, with cupcakes. And yes, it booked up fast, but do get on the waiting list and also join our NYC Meetup Group because we have a lot of cupcake fun planned for 2010.


Screamin' Mama said…
Fabulous! Isn't it so flattering to have your face on a cupcake?