Cupcake truck and custom company Saweet Cupcakes in San Antonio, Texas

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I discover a lot of cupcake companies on Twitter just by poking around, and this was one of them. Saweet Cupcakes is a cupcake truck and custom cupcake company based out of San Antonio, Texas. You can check out their menu here.

Here's how they describe their name:

sa•weet (suh-weet) adjective 1. Indicates a divine and jaw droppingly exciting moment. 2. Something that is beyond cool. The best way of saying something is really, really cool. 3. Said when something is amazing. “That cupcake is saweet!”

Images via Saweet Cupcakes on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter (@saweetcupcakes).

dark red velvet cupcakes

coconut cupcakes

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Saweet Cupcakes
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