Red velvet, peppermint mocha and gingerbread holiday cupcakes in New Jersey

These cupcakes are by custom cupcake company The Cupcake Cauldron of Mahwah, New Jersey, via Flickr. They offer free delivery - email thecupcakecauldron at for ordering information.

Red Velvets
Red velvet cupcake

Here are their holiday flavors (other fun flavors include Cherry Coke float, flutternutter rand ice cream sundae):

Egg Nog - Vanilla cake made with rich egg nog, cinnamon and rum extract. Topped with my silky egg nog frosting. Each decorated with a cinnamon stick. Fancy $35.00 per dozen.

Gingerbread - Gingerbread cake frosted with cream cheese frosting. Decorated with holiday sprinkles. Fancy $35.00 per dozen.

Peppermint Mocha - Rich chocolate cake, frosted with pink peppermint frosting. Candy cane garnish. (peppermint frosting can also remain white). Fancy $35.00 per dozen.

Winter Mint - White cake with a hint of peppermint. Frosted with creamy snow white frosting! Topped with edible glitter and a snowflake topper. Fancy $35.00 per dozen.

Sugar Cookie - Vanilla cake frosted with my sweet vanilla buttercream icing. Each decorated with sugary sprinkles! Very festive! Fancy $35.00 per dozen.

Red Velvet - Beautiful and bright red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese, buttercream or chocolate frosting! Each decorated with holiday sprinkles. Fancy $35.00 per dozen.

Peppermint Mocha
Peppermint Mocha cupcake

Mr. Gingerbread
Mr. Gingerbread cupcake


Ally said…
I've had The Cupcake Cauldron's cupcakes and they are delicious. They taste just as good as they look. A real treat for any cupcake lover!
THE yummiest, cutest cupcakes for sure!
Kris said…
these cupcakes are still making me and my fridge happy!
kierrakash said…
Picture perfect AND tasty! The Cupcake Cauldron rocks!!!
Marie said…
Sugar Cookie cupcake? That sounds delicious!