Cupcakes in development: Valentine's Day flavors at New York's Sweet Revenge

Marlo Scott, owner of New York wine bar/cupcake bakery Sweet Revenge, is now blogging. What I think is especially interesting about her blog, especially for aspiring cupcake bakery/business owners, is that she shares the details about the ups and downs of running your own business. Like htis:

Its Saturday afternoon, and I’m just now getting to my second blog post. Where in the hellsbells did the week just go?! It was a blur like a kalaidescope, in and out of focus on new Valentine’s day cupcake recipes, paying bills, and figuring out 75% of my silverware has disappeared over the last 18 months so we don’t having enough forks for patrons to eat cupcakes. Please dear staff, scrape the frosting off the plates into the garbage but spare the flatware!

When we interviewed Marlo back in November 2008, she said:

What are the best and worst aspects of running Sweet Revenge? What do you wish you’d known before you started the bakery?

The best part of Sweet Revenge is that I get to make people happy all day long. It’s incredibly rewarding to see patrons enjoying themselves at mine. The hardest part of running the business is balancing strategic vs operational demands -- there's just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. I wish I would've known how physically demanding it is to work 7 days a week on your feet for 15 hours a day! Or maybe it’s for the better that I didn't have a clue… :)

She recently wrote:

New cupcakes in development for Valentine’s day: Ma Cherie (Bordeaux cherry chocolate ganache, black velvet cake) and Casablanca (rosewater frosting, pistachios cardamom cake

Casablanca cupcake

Ma Cherie cupcake

I plan to stop by soon and try them, along with the new fleur de sel flavor. I actually tried to stop by recently and it was mobbed on a Wednesday night, which I took as a good sign for flourishing business!