Lady Gaga cupcakes!

Yes, these are Lady Gaga cupcakes (red velvet) by Brownie of the blog Blondie and Brownie - go there to find out more and see more pics!

She writes:

In honor of the Grammys this Sunday night, may I present you with my tribute to Lady Gaga in cupcake form. Of course, I couldn't resist doing my interpretation of Lady Gaga's red lace number from the VMAs. I'd like to say that no cupcakes were harmed in the creation of her headdress and veil, but that wouldn't be true...

Why Lady Gaga? Well, why not? If I can do Liza Minelli as a cupcake, surely Lady Gaga deserves to be one, too. Liza was all sparkly and Funfetti on the inside, but for Gaga, I knew that she'd need a different cake. Then it hit me. Red Velvet--edgy, unexpected yet widely popular.

Lady Gaga Cupcakes


nice I was wondering if you guys have a widget i would love to add it to my blog you guys rock
Anonymous said…
these are funny! i love the sleek hair :) check out my lady gaga cupcakes i baked on sunday and posted to my blog later that evening:

yay lady gaga!
Ha ha that's amazing :D xx
Speckle of Dirt said…
Hilarious! Very good interpretation with the red velvet and red frosting splatter...why Lady Gaga? Exactly, why not!
Anonymous said…
I made some Lady Gaga Cupcakes too!