Mail order cupcake kit is a "luxury"

Luxist reviews the mail order cupcake kit by Portland's Saint Cupcake - that they do mail order isn't news, but the fact that Luxist considers it a "luxury item" is.

The luxury for the consumer lies both in the incredible wide range of flavor choices and in the fact that you can have home baked taste delivered to your door without lifting a finger. The inspiration for the mail order cupcake business came to owner Jami Curl after customers themselves mentioned trying to ship her delicious baked goodies to friends to taste. Jami thought that "we could develop some packaging and a technique that would allow us to ship the cupcakes so they arrive on the recipient's door step fresh and perfect."

Hence the wonderful and unique online cupcake builder was born. Customers can choose their cake flavors, their icings and their sprinkle colors creating a truly bespoke cupcake. Often this allows for even greater freedom as customers have come up with unique combinations never anticipated by the owners and not sold in the bakery.

The existence of mail order cupcakes, which are growing as bakeries add this to their offerings, is in itself interesting, what with there now being cupcake bakeries in even small towns. We haven't personally tried this one yet so can't comment, but I can say I'm looking forward to checking out Portland's cupcake offerings next month (to all who asked about the February 20th cupcake meetup, I'll try to get it finalized this week).


Unknown said…
I ordered a three pack last week and received them yesterday.

They were absolutely delicious!!! They had better flavor and were moister than many cupcakes I've had on the spot from local bakeries!

They're also definitely the lowest cost option for shipping cupcakes I've found to date!