Malted milk cupcakes plus recipe

Malted Milk Cupcake - IMG_5273 r1

These malted milk (and malted milk ball) cupcakes are by Eat My Cake Now, where you can find the recipe - in French and English. (via Flickr)

From Eat My Cake Now:

What's malted milk powder? I hear you asking. Well, simply put, it's a mix of barley, powdered malt and powdered milk and sugar. You can buy it with cocoa added to the mix. You can use it to mix a warm or cold beverage. You'll easily find it in your grocery store, usually next to hot chocolate mixes. The name of the product I got is Ovaltine. If you can't find any, I'm guessing a simple hot chocolat mix will do the trick. As for the malted milk balls, also known as Malteeser, I don't expect that I need to show you how to find those...

Using malted milk powder was a first for me, and I have to say that it gave a little something zesty to my cupcakes. Everybody loved them! The mixture of crunchy malt and melted chocolate was rather interesting. I haven't changed a thing to the recipe, it's perfect and well balanced. I didn't touch the sugar this time because malt is a tad bitter. For the icing, I thought I could mix in some of that malted milk powder to my favorite crème au beurre, which I found in Martha Stewart's book: Cupcakes. This icing is wonderful. And if you want to further explore the possibilities of powdered malted milk, I'll give you the recipe for the warm beverage that my darling was drinking all weekend.


Oh wow, these look really good. I'm tempted to try my hand at these, even though I'm not the world's best baker....
Jennywenny said…
I love malted milk! I've got to try this! Curse you for making me hungry when I'm trying to lose weight ;)