Salty and sweet: pretzels on cupcakes (and a bloody hand)

fondant peanuts, real pretzels! snack time

These are by Vancouver's Coco Cake Cupcakes (via Flickr) - see their blog post for more on their recent custom cupcake adventures. A few more shots from their Flickr account below.

nerd glasses cupcakes!
nerd glasses cupcakes!

pretty flower cupcake!
who can resist a pretty flower?

And craziest of all...workplace safety cupcakes!

They write:

"Raise Your Hand" campaign-- safety in the workplace! Engine wanted some bloody hands that had NOT practiced safety in the workplace... Hands of fondant with non-pareil candy fingernails, and food colouring for blood...

work safety awareness cupcakes!!


Unknown said…
the mustache kid cupcake totally cracked me up!
Coco Cake Land said…
awww!! thanks for posting this about my funny little nerdcakes..!!

xo lyndsay