Toasted marshmallow cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake

I promise a more in-depth post about my visit to Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, DC Sunday, which involved a 20-minute wait, which was totally worth it, even if it was crazy crowded in there. But for now, here's one of the many photos I took - it was the one that most called out to me (but not the one that wound up being my favorite!). Cupcakes were $2.75 each (though I opted for a dozen for $29).

Toasted marshmallow cupcake, Georgetown Cupcake, Washington, DC


Mrs. P said…
Cara Lee said…
glad you made it to the DC area!! i work near the gtown cupcake bethesda location and its been the glutton of me to go there everyday i work because of the freeeee cupcakes they are giving away each day! ps - hope u tried the peanut butter fudge cc ;-)