Birthday cupcakes for Shari at BLT Fish

My friend Shari Goldhagen had her birthday dinner the other night at BLT Fish Shack. I had plans beforehand so didn't join the crowd for dinner but popped by for dessert, bearing some Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes. (An aside: mini cupcakes in a cute little box make a great gift - I also brought some to a meeting earlier that night and they were much appreciated.)

So I look at the dessert menu and see, yes, cupcakes! With ice cream! Below is birthday girl Shari holding up her candle-topped chocolate cupcake.

photos by Taj Greenlee

I have a confession...I'm not sure what flavor the one on the bottom was. Bad cupcake blogger. We also ordered some non-cupcake desserts and these got passed around the table so all I know is that was some kind of jelly on top. It was very pretty (this is not the best representation due to the light in the room) and the flower shape was cool, but tastewise I liked the chocolate one better.