Black and gold wedding cupcakes

These wedding cupcakes are caramel & vanilla wedding cupcakes in a black and gold theme. Each cupcake is different so the bride and groom can choose their favourites. These are made by custom cupcake company Frosted Cupcakes who are in Fife (north of Edinborough, Scotland), who can also be found on Facebook and on their blog.

Black & Gold Wedding Cupcakes

Here's some other wedding cupcakes they've done:

Black, White & Ivory Wedding Cupcakes

Frosted Cupcakes
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Tanja said…
They're beautiful! Now I'm asking myself, why would anyone want a wedding cake when they can have this!?
Mari's Cakes said…
I love these cupcakes! Excellent decoration.

I will most definitely buy these! I make cupcakes and decorate them too, but this is beautiful!

from Mari's Cakes