Chocolate Valentine's Day cupcake with cookie on top!

My Chocolate Valentine

A chocolate lovers Valentine Cupcake, moist dark, dark chocolate cake with chocolate truffle frosting topped with sparkly chocolate sugar cookies by The Lone Baker (via Flickr.

And this Truffle Pop cupcake!

Valentines Truffle Pop
Raspberry Liqueur Whipped Truffle, dipped in dark chocolate, tops a Chocolate and Raspberry Crème Fraiche Cupcake. Click here for the recipe for the truffle pops!


Michael said…
This recipe looks awesome! Thank you for sharing to us this recipe as I have made my wife and daughter hppy this Valentines Day. Great pics and post. This one went really well with the espresso coffee I made.
Unknown said…
Wow, I was so excited when I saw my Valentines cupcakes on your site today I rang my husband and blurted out how happy I was... only it wasn't my husband it was some strange guy because I had misdialled. I was embarrassed, but he did say he was happy for me!
I'll go phone my husband he should be eating the cookie cupcake just about now. Thank you Rachel, love your blog!
Lisa Fedo said…
love it
eat it
come for more
really like it
Fantasy said…
This is the wrong blog to be reading when you have no dessert at home. But I can't resist; for the time being, I'll savor on these exquisite pics.