Cinnabon Now Selling Cupcakes

Updated We will have more news about this soon, but it's official...Cinnabon is now selling cupcakes.

CinnabonTheOaks at The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, California, has been Tweeting about it:

They also posted that they're taking orders for Valentine's Day cupcakes (805-371-8869) - it's unclear if these are the ones pictured below or special ones.

And here's what the Cinnabon at The Oaks Mall wrote on Craigslist:

"There are many ways our cupcakes stand out from all the rest! For starters, we went back to our roots and worked with the creator of our famous Classic Roll to bring our new cupcake product line to life. We tested 556 different recipes and a secret ingredient to get our cupcakes just right – meaning they’re moist, irresistible, high quality and worthy of the Cinnabon name."

Twitpic by @CinnabonTheOaks

Apparently, as early as November 20, 2009, the Carvel-Cinnabon in Rio Grande, New Jersey was selling cupcakes, according to their Facebook page:

"Lucsious Lemon Buttercream and Vanilla Buttercream cupcakes available today."

More photos soon, but here's some others found online:

Cinnacake Classic cupcake from Cinnabon

Cinnacake Classic cupcake from Cinnabon
Both photos above: Cinnabon classic cupcake; photo by Oh, Sugar! (Destini Hinkle) on Flickr

See other photos by Jessica A. on Yelp

Free Cinnabon cupcake coupon
"This coupon is valid only in ht state of Oregon at Washington Square, Clackamas Town Center and Lloyd Center malls.."


Jessica said…
Worlds best?! I think not.
Ritzee Rebel said…
Oh how annoying, and there are no Cinnabons left near me. Looks like I need to take a road trip.
Destini said…
I tried one last week (the Cinnacake Classic) at my local Cinnabon in Lombard, IL. I have the pics on my flickr page ( It wasn't very impressive. They're just sitting out in the open so it was a bit hard. The cake itself was a kind of dry. It had a strong cinnamon flavor and the frosting was the standard Cinnabon icing with a swirl of cinnamon.
Unknown said…
I'm @tatvictoria and I'm telling you - the cinnamon w/cream cheese icing cupcake I tried was AMAZING - moist, delicious icing (100 times better than the starbucks cupcakes). I would venture to say it tastes homemade, granted it is stored out in the open (I must have tasted a fresh batch). Also, kudos to the staff at College Park location yesterday morning for offering me a free sample WITHOUT me even asking!